Filtered Sunshine ... Warming Trend to Begin

Saturday, Dec 16 ...
Temperatures dropped to the upper 20s far inland to the mid 40s along the coast ... low to mid 30s in Savannah this morning. It will be mostly sunny and cool today but then temperatures will moderate to the mid 60s Sunday then in the lower 70s for most of next week with milder overnight lows.

Clouds to increase ... Wet Weather Coming:
After a mostly sunny day today, clouds will start to fill the sky tomorrow with a wet weather system to move in (with the mild temperatures) for most of next week. Check out my new Precision Forecast Cloud & Wind Data for your area.

Backyard Heavenly Views

The Andromeda Galaxy

The Orion Nebula

Spiral Galaxy M74

I have been setting up and testing my new 11" Celestron Telescope (focal ratio ... f/10) and have posted a few images from earlier this week. The forecast is for possible good "Seeing" tonight and I might be able to get one more night of viewing before several days of clouds roll in. (Maybe new pictures to be posted tomorrow???)

- Patrick Prokop -

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The Planets in the Sky

Autumn Nights:
The evenings features dim yellow Saturn in the SW sky with Mercury low in the west just after sunset. For those with small telescopes, the 7th planet from the Sun, Uranus, is high in the southern sky at midnight and could be visible to the unaided eye in very dark surroundings.

The favorite constellations and star clusters are becoming a major attraction now with the Pleiades star cluster rising around 8 pm in the NE and mighty Orion the Hunter rising around 10 pm in the east. Orion’s two very bright stars, Rigel and Betelguese display twinkling colors as they rise. The Andromeda galaxy, the farthest object you can see with the naked eye (about 2.5 million light years away) is high overhead at midnight.

The morning planets are still dominated by very bright Venus but is slowly sinking toward the rising sun over the next month while dull red Mars slowly rises earlier each day around 5 am. Jupiter is behind the sun now (superior conjunction) and is lost in the glare of the sun but will slowly appear later in November.

(Images of the planet taken with my Celestron 6" telescope)

Click on image for large size

Past Images:
Solar Eclips & Sun Pics, Aug 21, 2017
Venus & Venus and Jupiter, March 2017
Venus & Mars in Western Evening Sky Feb 24, 2017
Venus & Mars in Western Evening Sky Feb 16, 2017
Venus in SW Evening Sky Jan 14, 2017

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by Patrick Prokop

The Sky at Night:
Saturday, December 16

Sunset tonight: 5:22 pm and rises at 7:19 am

New Moon Approaching (Monday at 1:18 am)... rise at 6:35 am

Evening Planets:
Saturn (Lost in Glare of the Sun) ... set 5:42 pm
Neptune ... set 11:16 pm

Nighttime Planets
Uranus ... Transit: 8:13 pm

Morning planets: (Eastern Sky)
Mars (Bright Ruddy Red) ... rise 3:21 am
Jupiter (Quite Bright) ... rise 4:04 am
Mercury ... rise 6:28 am
Venus (in solar glare) ... rise 6:55 am

High Noon (Sun highest in sky ... due south) 12:20 pm

All times are for Savannah. Add 1 minute for about every 15 miles westward.

Space Station visible tonight at 6:53 - 6:58 in the WNW moving toward the SSE

Click on graph for full size

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