WARM Weather Continues for the Rest of This Month (and longer)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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Warm Today ... Humid Too
An unusual warm weather pattern has developing over the SE US and will persit for yhe rest of this week with afternoon temperatures to reach into the low 80s away from the beaches and barrier islands. This Warm to mild weather pattern will persist into next week as well ... See my Temperature Forecast for your area.

Record High Temperatures Wedensday
The high in Savannah on Wednesday reached 84 breaking the record of 83 set in 1991. Also, the low this morning was 63. If it remains above 62 before midnight, that too would be another record ... highest minimum of 62 set in 1939. More records highs are possible Thursday through Saturday.

February to Average MUCH ABOVE NORMAL
The way it is shaping up ... February will average much above normal, temperature wise. On the average, the monthly normal high temperature for Savannah is 64 but it appears this year, this month will average around 74 for the highs which is a whopping 10 above that normal 30 year average (normal temp). January started off very cold but then the warming began later in the month but the average monthly Jan temperature for this year was 2.85 below the 30 year normal value due to that deep cold wave early in the month. In case you are wondering, every month of 2017 in Savannah averaged above the 30 year normal with the entire year measure at 3.0 above that normal value. Except for January, 2018 is expected to follow that trend.

- Patrick Prokop (patprokop49@gmail.com) -

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Sun Min:62 ... Max:83... Day PoP:17% Night PoP:28%
Mon Min:61 ... Max:75... Day PoP:50% Night PoP:46%
Tue Min:56 ... Max:72... Day PoP:13% Night PoP:10%

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